Engineering and EPC

In Cosermo we have specialised
in the execution of turnkey
engineering projects.
We adapt to the specific needs of each customer by executing comprehensive projects or only the processes that the customer requests.
  • Engineering and design
  • Supply of materials and equipment
  • Manufacture and assembly
  • Disassembly and transfer
  • Electric connection
  • Civil works
  • Treatments and/or coatings
  • Cleaning
  • Waste management
  • General logistics
  • Commissioning
  • Industrial maintenance
Our turnkey projects
facilitate the life
of those who commission us.

First of all, because there is only one contact person who is thoroughly informed of the entire project. As such, our customers do not speak to intermediaries nor do they have to consult different companies and coordinate work with each of them.

We take care
of the entire project
from start to finish.

This either refers to us undertaking the work directly (engineering, manufacture, assembly and maintenance) or by subcontracting collaborating companies for other functions (electric installation, isolation, lifting, etc.) As such, we coordinate the technical and human resources to ensure that the project is developed as efficiently as possible, which allows saving time during the execution, an optimisation of resources and a reduction in costs for our customers.

Proyectos llave en mano, sin intermediarios.
Optimización de recursos y reducción de costes.
The business lines
we develop during
the turnkey projects
are as follows:
Nuestras líneas de negocio.
Cosermo. Passion for perfection.
Passion for perfection.