Passion for perfection

Discover the pillars
of our philosophy.
We work with passion and discipline to be the company that our customers are proud to hire.
In Cosermo, we believe in perfection as an attitude.

The attitude which allows us to surpass ourselves, to be the best and to keep one step ahead. The attitude to offer unique solutions which flawlessly meet our customers’ needs.

We are the partner who works with rigour to rule out uncertainty and to provide peace of mind during large projects. We are the company which responds when needed most and assumes the required responsibility to achieve maximum quality.

No surprises,
no delays,
no cost overruns,
no risks.
Equipos de trabajo Cosermo
We create work teams
who take care of themselves
and protect themselves to
meet the set objectives together.

We believe that our responsibility also resides with our team, comprised of employees, collaborating companies and customers, working together for a common objective. We want to take care of ourselves and build a safe, trustful working environment which inspires, motivates and helps us to grow every day.

We implement certified quality standards which promote occupational health and safety which we incorporate as part of the corporate philosophy to achieve quality work.

We believe that continuous improvement is the only way to achieve perfection and to be a leader in our sector.

We incorporate continuous improvement in our working methodology which has made us a leader in the management of EPC, turnkey, engineering, air-conditioning, assembly and industrial maintenance projects.

We like to speak clearly and fluently with our customers and use any tools and actions which guarantee meeting the agreed deadlines, improving the procurement processes, reacting with ease and providing comprehensive technical solutions.

Mejora continua para alcanzar la perfección y ser referentes.
Protegemos el medioambiente y nuestro entorno social.
We protect the social climate
and the environment to be
a company which contributes to
creating a better world.

We believe that the impact of our activity must be managed responsibly both on an environmental and social level. As such, we put work procedures into practice which make rational use of resources and promote their sustainable management.

We care about people and want to ensure that our work contributes to creating a better world. Respect, equality and transparency form the foundations of our ethical code and we believe that these are the basic values for building a fairer society.

Cosermo. Passion for perfection.
Passion for perfection.