Pre-assembly in Cosermo

Our pre-assembly work reduces production costs and speeds up delivery dates for industrial projects.
Grupo Olmar. Gijón, Asturias.
48,000 m2 exclusively reserved for the quality and competitiveness of our industrial projects.

In COSERMO we have facilities located strategically 7 km from the port of Gijón and 20 km from the Airport of Asturias, with a surface area of 48,000 m2 and 14,000 m2 of usable industrial premises, available for the execution of prefabrication works.

We perform all industrial pre-assembly work in our own workshop, increasing the quality, while reducing the costs and shortening lead times.

All of this makes us more competitive on the market which has made us a leader for quality industrial projects.

Advantages of pre-assembly in Cosermo
Premontaje en Cosermo
1.We work with any type of material: plastic, GRP, steel and alloys.
2.We have a project engineering department closely tied to production which studies and offers our customers continuous improvement with regard to designs and the ease of transporting them.
3.We have our own cutting and folding machines on our premises in order to offer a more competitive product both with regard to execution deadlines and costs.
4.We use a vast storage area for stockpiling materials and final products. This allows us to execute various projects at the same time.
5.We have a marvellous location from a logistics perspective, with excellent accesses to the port, motorways and the airport. All of this facilitates communications and allows us to gather extensive experience in the international shipment of materials.
Results of pre-assembly in Cosermo
Resultados del premontaje en Cosermo
  • Manufacture of equipment and small and medium-sized boilermaking.
  • Manufacture of series production parts.
  • Prefabrication of piping.
  • Manufacture of structures and supports.
Our technical resources:
Medios técnicos
metal welding groups
gantry cranes
plastic welding groups
units of manufacturing equipment for plastic accessories
  • 2 forklift trucks
  • 1 lifting platform
  • 1 submerged arc weldding column
  • 1 furnace for plastic parts
  • 8 electric vibrators
  • 1 cutting shears
  • 2 CNC saws for large diameters
  • 1 CNC folding machine
  • 1 bevel machine
  • 1 thermal treatment machine
Cosermo. Passion for perfection.
Passion for perfection.